Though the Jet Black model of iPhone 7 is the newest color model introduced by Apple, the company has warned us from before that while this particular model looks extremely pleasing to look at, it is susceptible to scratches and smudges, which obviously means that you will need to purchase a decent phone case in order to keep the device in near-pristine condition.

However, one source of Chinese origin has stated that the issue has also started to show up in the Matte Black models of the smartphone. These models are susceptible to both scratches and paint chipping, but it also looks like the physical degradation of the smartphone isn’t going to appear until a long time. One image has shown that using the smartphone overtime has chipped off the paint of the device where the Lightning connector is present. However, one should know that some people do insert the connector with a lot of force, which will cause this to happen.


However, if you are spending a lot of money of an iPhone 7, then it looks like Apple should have used a superior paint job on its phones. Even if you have purchased the Matte Black version of the iPhone 7, chances are that you will have to invest in a military-grade smartphone case. Another thing you should be worried about is to insert the Lightning cable carefully inside the available opening.

If you yank it in with ferocity and yank it out the same way, chances are that the paint will continue to chip overtime.


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