While the iPhone SE is getting a great response mostly from first-time iPhone buyers and 4-inch enthusiasts, the device wasn’t able to satisfy the Apple fans who wanted something greater than the iPhone 6s. For them, everything now is about the iPhone 7, which is going to be unveiled this fall, probably in September.

A lot of leaks and rumors have already revealed that the iPhone 7 is going to be a good premium flagship. But there are experts who are telling people to stay away from the iPhone 7 and wait for the iPhone 8 instead. Should you really do that? Let’s find out.

iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Concept Render

iPhone 7 Won’t Be Getting Any Redesign

Reports say that Apple is going to use the same design in the iPhone 7 that it used in the iPhone 6 and 6s. This means that all we will get is the same-looking shell with just small changes. We only expect the antenna bands to be repositioned, and at the most, there will be no headphone jack and a waterproof casing.

On the other hand, analysts have already predicted that instead of the iPhone 7, Apple will go all guns-and-bombs with the iPhone 8 and will give it a major design overhaul in 2017. We might as well see an all-glass iPhone 8. So it is better to wait another year and get a new-looking phone than to buy the iPhone 7 that looks just like the previous two flagship iPhones.

iPhone 8 Will Get Major Specification Changes and New Features

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone 7 will not get a redesign, and this is why the changes will mostly be under-the-hood. However, we do not expect any major changes there too, as we will get a new processor surely but not more RAM, as Apple already bumped up the RAM last year.

But the company will surely give the iPhone 8 all new internals. The device will get the fastest A11 processor (if that’s what it is named), 3GB of RAM, better GPU, possibly new storage options, and probably a faster Touch ID. While iPhone 7 is rumored to get a capacitive home button, it is being said that the iPhone 8 will not get any home button and the Touch ID sensor will be integrated on the display itself.

If it’s not done in the iPhone 7, Apple will make the iPhone 8 waterproof, will remove the 3.5mm jack, and will bring in a completely waterproof and dustproof design. The phone is also rumored to get wireless earbuds in the box.

Lastly, we expect the iPhone 8 to get a better camera setup. Just like the amount of RAM, Apple upgraded the 8MP camera to 12MP in the iPhone 6s, and we don’t think the firm will do it again so soon in the iPhone 7. Of course, the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro is rumored to get a dual-camera setup. But a better camera, probably a 16MP camera with more features will be seen in the iPhone 8 that’s for sure.

Wait For the iPhone 8 If You Can

While the iPhone 7 will be a good device, it just won’t be exciting enough with the same design and only under-the-hood changes. And when you are paying a premium price for a product, it should be different, shouldn’t it? That’s why we suggest you keep your wallet in your pocket for now and wait for the iPhone 8 that will release in 2017.


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