If you are waiting for the iPhone 7 even though it is not going to be a big, significant upgrade from the iPhone 6s, here’s a good news for you. Production of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 model has now begun at Pegatron.

The news has been given out by popular leakster OnLeaks on Twitter. The tipster mentioned that the production has been started “slowly”, which means that the production rate will be increased gradually as the September launch event for the iPhone 7 is till more than a couple of months away.

OnLeaks also mentioned that the iPhone 7, which is the 4.7-inch base variant, will be manufactured at the Pegatron plant. The leakster said that the 5.5 inch model, which is the iPhone 7 Plus and/or the iPhone 7 Pro, is not going to be manufactured at the same plant. This suggests that the larger model will be manufactured at another factory, though we don’t yet know when the production for the Plus model will start.

Anyway, iPhone 7 production has started and that’s a good news for iPhone fans. But most of them are not excited at all as it looks like the new iPhone will not carry any significant upgrades over the previous iPhone. Let’s wait and see whether Apple can prove us wrong.

Update (19th June 2016): According to a new leak on Weibo, the iPhone 7 might come with dual SIM slots. The images were posted by Rock Fix, a Chinese smartphone repair shop.


If that’s true, then this will be the first time Apple will be introducing this feature into the iPhone while all the other manufacturers have already done that a few years ago. The image shows the dual SIM slots and trays, but we still need to wait for more evidence before we can trust this leak.


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