As always, Apple didn’t provide the audience with actual numbers during their iPhone 7 presentation that occurred last week.  All we got were percentages, a bit different design and lots of “courage.”

But now, Chinese TENAA (Chinese telecommunications equipment certification center) provided us with info regarding iPhone’s 7 battery capacity and we must say we are positively surprised.

apple- iphone-7 - 7-plus -to-launch-in-india-on-october-7-2

Apple never gave much love to iPhone batteries, since both iOS and hardware used are superbly optimized, and are not extremely power hungry; nevertheless, iPhone never was excellent regarding battery capacity. But now Apple finally decided to upgrade iPhone battery capacity, since the new iPhone 7 will come with a 1960 mAh battery, a visible upgrade from the iPhone 6s 1715 mAh battery. This should give the phone a bit more time before needing a charge, especially since the iPhone 7 doesn’t have a dual-camera system of its bigger brother.

Still, the capacity is way lower from the battery the Galaxy S7 has, which is 3000mAh; but, since iOS is better optimized, the new iPhone 7 should give you enough juice to stay on during the whole day.

The iPhone 7 Plus also features a bigger power source; its battery should have 2900 mAh, 150 mAh more than what we could find in iPhone 6s Plus. Since the Plus model has a new dual-camera setup, this upgrade probably won’t add up to the up time, so don’t expect longer battery life on iPhone 7 Plus. This is way less than the capacity of Note 7’s power source (3500 mAh), but if you buy an iPhone 7 Plus, your battery should not explode, so that’s a plus.

Apple hasn’t confirmed these specs, but we can say that the source is reliable and that the figures are most certainly correct.