Apple is currently in slight problems. As you all know, the iPhone 7 sales are pretty low, at least compared to the previous iPhone iterations, and it seems they will get even lower. Demand for the iPhone 7 is dropping in the Chinese market, as well as in the Taiwanese. The reason? The upcoming arrival of the iPhone 8. Users don’t want to buy the current iPhone model, they want to wait for the upcoming model that should come with a plethora of new features as well as with a completely new design. Great news, since many users don’t want to see another iPhone 6 redesign.

iphone 8_concept_image
iPhone 8 Concept Image (Via MacRumors)

Reports state that Apple lowered supplier orders for the new iPhone 7 due to low sales, just a month after the iPhone 7 got released. But after Samsung experienced the Galaxy Note 7 catastrophy, iPhone 7 sales spiked. Latest reports, however, talk about the iPhone 7 experiencing a further drop in demand, due to the upcoming iPhone 8. Not just in China, but also in other markets around the world. This isn’t so surprising since 2017 will mark a ten-year anniversary for the iPhone, with many fans expecting for the iPhone 8 to bring lots of new features.

iphone 8 glass design and wireless charging
iPhone 8 Concept Image

Apple isn’t affected by a drop in sales since the company is already focusing on the upcoming flagship device. The iPhone 7 shipments saw a major drop, with five million fewer units shipped during December, compared to other months. As expected, reports claim the latest iPhone didn’t bring a growth for Apple; instead, with the low sales numbers Apple has to wait for 2017 in order to get back the sales the company lost during this year. The iPhone 8 should bring an OLED screen (which should be dual-curved), a new design, new chipset, better cameras, as well as support for wireless charging, maybe even for quick charging technology. It is expected to be unveiled during September 2017.


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