If you thought that the only difference between different iPhone 7 variants is their storage capacity, well, stop thinking. It’s time you learned a bitter secret Cupertino never told us. And for those of you who already bought the 32GB iPhone 7, we had to break it to you that you may have got a very raw deal. As for the others who are considering buying it, well, you might want to reconsider your decision.

iphone 7 vs iphone 7

The issue has come into the limelight after a new video posted by YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger a.k.a. Unbox Therapy revealed that of all the variants of the new iPhone, the entry-level 32GB version performance is the worst.

In fact, the performance difference between the iPhone 32 GB variant and the 128GB/256GB variants is so huge that it will probably motivate many owners to try and exchange their devices.

As you will see in Hilsenteger’s video (it’s right there at the bottom of this page), the 32GB iPhone 7 comes with storage which is a lot slower than its more expensive siblings. For example, while copying a high definition movie to each variant, the 32GB iPhone 7 took 40% longer than the 256GB variant.

Even the benchmarking of both these models shows that at 42.4 Mbps, the 32GB option is nearly 900% slower than the 256GB model that has a write speed of 31Mbps. The 128GB option is slightly slower than the one with 256GB storage, but still delivers a much better performance than the 32GB variant with 298Mbps.

While Hilsenteger didn’t demonstrate the analysis of the 32GB iPhone 7 Plus, he mentioned in the video that it also performs just as badly as the $100 cheaper iPhone 7 32GB.