The Apple iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6c (or the iPhone 7c) are continuously in the news for some new leaks or rumors every now and then. But we know that the iPhone 7 is not going to be revealed until next September. Though we do have a vague idea of what the device will offer. It is being said that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof, and that it will skip the earphone jack and will use the Lightning port for connecting the charger as well as the earphones. The iPhone 7 might also get a bigger battery.

Some newly leaked photos today allegedly show the backlight of the iPhone, which in turn suggest some design changes. The new backlight has been compared side by side to the backlight of the iphone 6s. The flex cables in the iPhone 6s are located on the right side, while the iPhone 7 has it on the left side. However, we don’t know if we should trust these pictures or not, as the product does not carry any Apple branding.

So do take the pictures with a pinch of salt. But at least we have something to go on to unless another iPhone 7 leaked image comes out on the internet. Any ideas?


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