Apple iPhone 7 was the biggest launch of last week. The new iPhone models will be officially available from September 16. The pre-orders already start from September 9. The new smartphone received a mixed reaction from fans and reviewers alike. As expected, the market is now flooded with all kinds of iPhone 7 Deals and payment plans. Let’s breakdown such deals and plans offered by Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T in the US market. Here’s a roundup of best iPhone 7, 7 Plus Pre-Order Deals and Plans:



T-Mobile has announced multiple iPhone 7 Deals, including a free iPhone 7 with trade-in. The company is offering new and existing customers the 3 different discounts for their old iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s or 6s Plus device. Interested customers will get an iPhone 7 32GB for free. However, for higher storage iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models, you will have to pay up. The iPhone 7 128GB will cost an extra $100 after trade-in, while the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB will cost you $120. For an iPhone 7 Plus 128GB, you’ll have to pay up $220.

To get these discounted iPhone 7 deals you must own an iPhone 6, 6s, 6 plus or 6s plus. Also, one must be able to turn on the device. It should not be water logged, and should have a non-shattered screen. Customers will need to sign a 24 month no cost finance agreement, which gives you a monthly credit on your T-Mobile bill.

However, you don’t have an old iPhone to trade in, T-Mobile is offering a ‘Jump On Demand Upgrade Program’. The 24-month finance option allows you to upgrade to a new iPhone up to three times in a year. You can get a new iPhone 7 32 GB for just $27.09 a month. Both the iPhone 7 128GB and iPhone 7 264GB will cost $27.09 a month with down payment of $99 and $199 respectively. While the iPhone 7 32GB, iPhone 7 Plus 128GB and iPhone 7 264GB will cost $31.25 a month with down payment of $0, $99 and $199 respectively.



Sprint is offering a trade-in deal along with an upgrade plan. The Sprint iPhone 7 Trade-In Deal allows you to trade in an eligible iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S7, or Samsung Galaxy S7 edge for a free iPhone 7 32 GB. There is a $30 activation fee, but you’ll get credits on your monthly bill. The deal lasts until September 17.

Under the Sprint “Forever Phone” Plan, the company is offering upgrade deals.The Sprint’s iPhone Forever lease program allows you to upgrade anytime a new iPhone comes out at a monthly fee starting at $27.09 a month. The iPhone 7 32GB is offered at $26.39 a month for 18 months lease or 27.09 per month for 24 months to own. The iPhone 7 128GB will cost $26.39 a month for 18 months lease (plus $100 down) or 33.89 per month for 24 months to own. While the iPhone 7 256GB will incur $26.39 a month for 18 months lease (plus $200 down) or 41.39 per month for 24 months to own.



Verizon is offering a simple payment plan along with a trade-in deals. The company is not offering its classic upgrade programs anymore. The Verizon iPhone 7 Trade-In Deal offers customers up to a $300 Verizon gift card, depending on the device and its condition. The eligible devices for trade-in are only the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge/edge+, HTC M9, iPhone 6, LG G4, and LG V10. You’ll also have to pay a $20 upgrade fee to add a new device to your account. It can go up to $40 for the two-year payment plan.

Verizon is offering the iPhone 7 32GB, iPhone 7 128GB and iPhone7 256GB at $27.08, $31.24 and $35.40 a month for 24 months, respectively. The iPhone 7 Plus 16GB, iPhone 7 Plus 128GB and iPhone 7 Plus 256GB will cost you $31.24, $35.40 and $39.58 a month for 24 months.

AT&T iPhone Financing Program


AT&T’s financing offers include multiple monthly payment plans. The AT&T installment plan program called AT&T Next 12 plan runs over 20 months. Once you pay your installments for 12 months, you will get the option to upgrade for free, or continue to pay till the 20 months is over and own your device. If you choose to upgrade, the 20-month payment plan begins again.

The AT&T Next 18 plan allows you to pay in 24 monthly installments. However, you can upgrade after 18. The AT&T Next 24 plan is a more affordable payment plan. It divides the payments into 30 monthly installments,allowing you to trade in and upgrade after 24.

We hope this roundup of the latest iPhone 7 Deals was helpful. Please share your views and plans with us in the comments section below.


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