While many reports about the iPhone 7 are talking about its specs and features, fresh rumors coming in from Taiwan talk about Apple’s A10 processor that will be used in the device. It is being said that the new A10 chips will be shipped out by manufacturer TSMC soon and will be bringing good revenues to the company.

apple a9 iphone 7

The iPhone 7 A10 chipset will be manufactured exclusively in TSMC’s 16nm foundry. Better performance, lower power consumption, and lesser heating is expected from the new chip. It is being said that Apple wants to outsource its chip-manufacturing only to TSMC and not to its competitor Samsung. Well, even though TSMC is very skilled, the capacity to produce the large amount of A processors is currently with Samsung.

So yes, there’s some major pressure on TSMC. Also, the iPhone 8 will be using the A11 chipset that will be manufactured with a 10nm process. Any manufacturer who wins the contract for making the A11 chips will be in for a lot of profit, which is why TSMC and Samsung have become major competitors now.

As for the A10 processor that will be seen this year in the iPhone 7 devices, we don’t yet know about its specs. However, it is expected that the chip will come with dual cores like the previous A chips but with an upgraded architecture. Also, the base model of the iPhone 7 will carry 2GB RAM while rumors suggest 3GB RAM for the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro.