The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been released and are on their way to reach the buyers. As you might remember, there were a lot of rumors surrounding the new iPhones, and many of them were negative. One of those rumors suggested that in case the screen of the iPhone 6s got damaged, even the motherboard had to be replaced at the encrypted data chip is placed just below the screen. The rumor asserted that the chip couldn’t be replaced individually. Well, that would incur more repair expenses, wouldn’t it? Well, thanks to the folks at @GeekBar, the rumor can now be put to rest for good.

GeekBar founder Lei tested out the rumor on two iPhone 6s Plus to know whether the motherboard needs to be associated with the display in case of replacement. Results of the test were posted on Weibo (in Chinese). The testers stated that the display unit and the motherboard can be used normally after replacement as there’s no encryption. Also, the 3D Touch function will work normally. Therefore, a damaged screen can be replaced normally without any worries.

So in case you are buying an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and have a tendency to drop your iPhones, then you need not worry as the replacement will be normal and simple enough.


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