iPhone 6s scheme diagram suggests 16/64/128 GB storage with new SiP architecture

The buzz around the upcoming iPhone 6s continues with the new schematic diagram of the A9 system chipset of Apple, making a debut on the Weibo. The diagram indicates that the new device will have multiple enhancements in terms of features while keeping the attire and feel same as that of its predecessor iPhone 6.

iPhone 6sA sneak peek into the diagram reveals that the Cupertino based manufacturer will be housing a SiP (System in Package) Technology which allows the speedy production of more compact and efficient circuits along. The SiP will be there along with Printed Circuit Board architecture. The SiP technology is also being used by the manufacturer in the Apple Watch. The flip side of using SiP technology is that the entire unit becomes flesh with blood even if a small part of the entire system turns out faulty.

iPhone 6s

We can also see a CPU shield cover which has fins just of 1mm thickness for heat-dissipation. The processing package in iPhone 6s is 15% smaller than the iPhone 6’s A8 system chip. On motherboard the baseband radio print is missing however it is assumed to be a separate module which is an unusual design. The interesting point for an average iPhone customer is that the upcoming iPhone 6s will still adorn the 16/64/128 GB of storage versions. So we can safely assume that any storage upgrades are not inline this year and may feature in next year’s devices.

iPhone 6s