It is certain that Apple has avoided the “bendgate” scandal in the iPhone 6S but according to some users there seems to be a new issue, overheating. They report that their devices get too warm while using it, so much that it causes the iPhone not to allow activation of LED Flash while taking pictures.

If you try to use LED flash when your iPhone 6S is too warm, you receive a pop-up saying: “Flash is Disabled”. You will be able to use the LED flash once your phone cools down as reported by TechnoBuffalo.

lhpNudp-630x1120 (1)However, we have to remind you that Apple iPhone 6S is powered with the newest A9 processor, which is by far faster and more improved than the previous A8 chip in iPhone 6. Therefore, it is very normal for the iPhone 6S to get more heated and has an average temperate of 102 degrees Fahrenheit compared to 90 degrees Fahrenheit of iPhone 6.

It is yet unknown what’s causing this problem, so we can’t be sure whether Apple will fix this problem or not. However, we are certain that this isn’t a big issue, since it was reported only by a small number of people.

Apple is for sure monitoring the situation carefully in order to prevent this issue to become widespread. Meanwhile, there is nothing to worry about unless this issue starts to happen often.