During the early 2015, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) was supposed to be biggest manufacturer of Apple’s A9 chipset (A9 chip will be used in iPhone 6S). However the scene is changing rapidly with Samsung now getting 70% of the share of the A9 chip manufacturing while TSMC got only 30%. Out of which 10K has already been put into operation in May and rest 30K will be put in operation in June by TSMC. The proportion of manufacturing of A9 chip has gone a full 360 degree turn from wherein earlier TSMC was meeting 70% demand.

iPhone 6s

According to rumours, Samsung is in talks with Apple about becoming the only manufacturer of the A9 chip. However TSMC is still believed to be the elite supplier for A9X chip powering next Apple iPad generation.

As already leaked, iPhone 6s will feature a 12MP rear and an 8MP front-facing camera, Dali has won the optical lens orders for iPhone 6s.

Basis the rumours doing rounds, it is also expected that the Samsung will also have an equal proportion of manufacturing in LPDDR4 memory along with Hynix to be housed in Apple’s iPhone 6S. It looks like Apple’s dependence on Samsung is increasing considering the fact they are the fierce rivals in the mobile phone category at least.