While the time is approaching to the unveiling of iPhone 6s, the mist around the phone is clearing slowly and giving it a definitive shape. Some of the pictures revealed earlier have pointed out that we should not expect differentiating wonders in the design from the iPhone 6. Now with the current information in hand we can safely say that the former can also be extrapolated to exterior components as well with a minor change in collation of these.  The piece on information now in talk is iPhone 6s components leak in the form of panel, chassis and other parts.

In iPhone 6, the power key, volume rocker, camera , and LED flash connectors were on separate sheets but now in iPhone 6s they have been collated together and merged on to a single sheeter circuit. Interesting to note iPhone 6s will continue to have a protrouding camera from the back as we can clearly see the images above, the camera rings and base which indicates the rumors of back camera being 12MP being true.


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