As per recent reports, Apple has been struggling to keep up with the demand for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The popular slate is MIA and prospective buyers across the US are having a tough time trying to get hold of their favourite device. The issue has persisted for months now, and all Apple retail outlets are mentioning product non-availability for the iPad Pro. And, when Apple’s online store is also not delivering, you know the trouble is for real. The store has a notification that says, “iPad Pro won’t be available probably until the last weeks of May”.

ipad pro-2

So, what’s the cause behind this non-availability? Is it a genuine stock issue or yet another trick to gear up for a massive product launch? Though doing away with a major-selling product certainly doesn’t sound like Apple, a buzz has been going around that the Cupertino-based tech giant is currently giving all its attention to the upcoming iPad Pro 2.

For last few months, we’ve been hearing about the existence, even a plausible April launch of the latest iPad Pro. The prolific machine has been in the rumour mill for a long time, and looks like non-availability of the last iPad will probably mark a series of events leading to the release of the next one.

With that being said, it is also worthy to note that Apple fans across the globe are hoping to see the new iPad Pro by the end of this month. Apple has only been tight-lipped about its next iPad, but market pundits are expecting a launch anytime this month or in the first week of May.

iPad Pro 2 Features

From what we know, it is fair to expect a much-improved set of specs and a revamped processor with the new iPad Pro 2. The device has been rumoured to come in different display variants with 12.9-inch being the standard. The display is also said to be equipped with True-tone colour matching and 3D touch capabilities.

Under the hood, iPad Pro 2 is rumoured to deploy the tweaked version of iPhone 7’s A10 processor. This processor, dubbed A10X, will add the much-needed power to the device. It will combine high-power and low-power cores for greater efficiency. The high-power cores will come into play in heavy usage situations, while low-power cores will take up less intensive tasks, saving battery life by a thick margin.

Among other things, the iPad Pro 2 is rumoured to have at least 512 GB of internal storage along with a Touch Bar, a feature currently present in the MacBook Pro.

For now, let’s just say, hopes are high that the sudden fall in iPad Pro stocks will mark the release of the next version very soon. If this is indeed true and Apple is actually gearing up for its next big launch, then we might soon see an official notification regarding the launch of iPad Pro. Stay tuned for further updates!


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