The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is going to be the highlight of Apple’s announcement that’s said to kick off during the month of September, but that does not mean the company isn’t going to be announcing a few other products to keep the audience interested. One of these products happen to be the iPad mini 5. Apple’s current iPad lineup comprise of the iPad Pro series and the iPad mini 4 and with the iPad mini 5, we could see tremendous hardware changes that could actually force consumers to upgrade.

Unfortunately, there are no concrete links or evidence to suggest that Apple is going to be announcing the latest refresh of the company’s iPad lineup, so we’ll have to wait patiently when the company tells us about all the products and services that are incoming in the future. However, what we do know is that Apple Watch 2 is said to announce along with the arrival of iPhone 7, so it’s definitely a possibility that the announcement of iPad mini 5 would take shape.

iPad mini 5 announcement with iPhone 7

The iPad mini 4 comes with an A8 chipset, the same chip powering up the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus so looking at this hardware configuration, we could either see a A9, or A8X. Preferably, we’d want to see a A9 running the iPad mini 5 because its processed on a smaller manufacturing process, which will make it more efficient, thus resulting in higher battery life. However, it could force Apple to increase the pricing of the tablet as well.

We believe that the screen size will be retained at 7.9 inches, along with the same resolution running on iPad mini 4. The camera could be upgraded to 12MP, and a larger battery capacity will honestly do more good than harm. Since this is all the information we can think of at this moment, we’ll leave Apple to decide the fate of iPad mini 5 during the month of September.



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