iPad Air is one of the most successful series of products from Apple. The iPad Air 2 got its share of appreciation very well with its great features. And if rumors are to be believed, then Apple is preparing the iPad Air 3 for releasing in March 2016. Though the device isn’t officially confirmed yet, rumors and speculations have already started pouring in about the iPad Air 3 and the improvements that it will bring over the iPad Air 2.

ipad air 3 news details
iPad Air 2

iPad Air 3 vs iPad Air 2 Specs

The iPad Air 3 is rumored to come with a quad-core processor as compared to the three-core CPU in the iPad Air 2. Also, the newer tablet will get a new chipset for better performance at an affordable price.

There will be an upgraded camera setup in the new iPad Air 3, and since the iPad Air 2 already gets an 8MP/1.2MP setup, we expect more megapixels in its successor. Also, an LED flash at the rear is said to be coming.

As for the software, the iPad Air 3 will come with iOS 9.3 or whichever version is the latest at that time. And of course, it will carry a design similar to the iPad Air lineup.

iPad Air 3 Price and Release Date

The iPad Air 3 will be launched at around $578, which is a very affordable price and will surely make it a success. Though this is just a speculated price, but we still think that the price difference between the iPad Air 3 and the iPad Air 2 won’t be more than $68-$90. As for the release date, the new iPad is said to be coming in March, and Apple is holding an event on 15th March. So we might as well expect a launch.


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