Since 2015, the tech world has been rumouring about the release of the iPad Air 3. The iPad Air lineup consists of mid-range tablets that first launched in 2013 with the iPad Air 1. The iPad Air 2 started in October 2014, and since then there has been no addition to the line.

iPad Air 3 Rumors

Based on Apple trends, we expected the iPad Air 3 to land in October 2015 with sales expected from November the same year. But, of course, that did not happen. The iPad Air 3 did not also show up at Apple’s event in March this year. Instead, Apple introduced a mid-ranged 9.7-inch iPad Pro alongside the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.  The iPad Air 3 was also nowhere to be found in the WWDC event in June.

Rumours are spreading that Apple will unveil the iPad Air 3 alongside the iPhone 7 on September 9. Another possible release date is October, and an early November start date for sales, like its predecessors. However, all these are rumours, as Apple has not provided an official statement regarding the release.

It is also a possibility that there will be no iPad Air 3. Some key players in the world of tech say it makes no sense to have two mid-ranged tablets, the iPad Air and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro has all the 2015 rumoured specs of the iPad Air 3. The idea of an end to iPad Air lineup sounds far-fetched but makes sense.

The fact that the launch of the iPad Air 3 is not official has not barred technology enthusiasts from speculating the specs of the iPad Air 3. According to a report on Macworld UK, rumour has it that the iPad Air 3 will have a Smart Connector on the left edge. The Smart Connector will enable users to attach smart keyboards or the Apple Pen.

Talking of the Apple Pen, we should also expect the iPad Air 3 to support the Apple Pencil. Currently, only the iPad Pros supports the Apple Pencil. Fans should expect the iPad Air to support the Apple Pencil considering many iPad users would love that addition.

Also, based on Apple trends, the iPad Air 3 will be thinner than the iPad Air 2. The trend I am talking about is this; the iPad Air 2 is thinner than the iPad Air 1, the iPad Air 1 is slimmer than the iPad Air 4 that came before it. The same decrease in thickness is also evident in other Apple products over the years. Note that the iPad Air 2 is already very thin. The iPad Air 2 and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro are in all senses the same thickness. A decrease in thickness could mean a compromise in battery life.

The iPad Air 3 will have a 7000-series aluminium body, according to Tampa Bay Review. The same strong body, which is resistant to bend, is seen in the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. But the iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 both did not come with this upgrade, thus casting a lot of doubt on the possibility of this spec.

As we reported earlier, the iPad Air 3 will come in several colours, with rose gold as the new colour option.

Apple introduced LED flash in the rear camera of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The front facing camera got the Retina Flash feature, which momentarily illuminates the retina display. It is well-thought to assume that Apple will include one or both features in the iPad Air 3.

That’s all the additional rumours from our previous report. As usual, our goal is to keep you up to date, so keep visiting us for more details of the iPad Air 3.

Are you anticipating the iPad Air 3 or is the iPad Pro a perfect substitute? Drop your opinion below.


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