For those who are ardent iOS jailbreak users, this is a very frustrating time as there is no jailbreak for the latest iOS version. Since iOS 9-iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak was killed by Apple with the release of iOS 9.1, no jailbreak has been released either by Pangu or any other team.

As of now, iOS 9.3 is in the beta phase and is currently undergoing rigorous testing. So our next obvious expectation would be an iOS 9.3 jailbreak. But when will it be released? Let’s take the facts in order and find out.

pangu ios 9.3 jailbreak

iOS 9.2.1 Beta and iOS 9.3 Beta Jailbroken: the Truth and the Lie

After iOS 9.2.1 beta 2 was released, popular Italian hacker Luca Todesco had announced that he had jailbroken the beta firmware. He also posted a screenshot as a proof, and everybody took it as the truth. Next, when iOS 9.3 beta was outed by Apple, Luca posted an announcement just in a few hours that he had successfully been able to jailbreak iOS 9.3 as well. We even believed this as the iOS 9.3 beta 1 and iOS 9.2.1 beta 2 had very less difference, and that Luca could have used the same exploits to jailbreak both versions.

After these announcements, we obviously had high hopes with Luca and expected him to keep an iOS 9.3 jailbreak ready when the firmware is released to the public. However, we were bound to face disappointment. Just some days ago, a popular Chinese new site ‘mydrivers’ published that Luca accepted that iOS 9.2/iOS 9.3 jailbreak was a lie, and that he hadn’t jailbroken the firmware, so there would be no releases. We were surprised, as to why such a popular hacker needed to lie. iOS users are obviously irritated by this behaviour of the hacker, but we do need to move on from such things.

TaiG and Pangu Working on iOS 9.3 Jailbreak

Quite some weeks ago, 3K Assistant (TaiG’s jailbreak partner) had announced that they had found the iOS 9.2 jailbreak and would be releasing it soon. But 3K changed their post a few days later and said that the jailbreak hadn’t been found yet. However, most of us still believe that this might be a lie, and that TaiG might be working on the next jailbreak.

Next up, 25PP (Pangu’s jailbreak partner) said in a statement that iOS 9.2 jailbreak was found but not released as the buggy firmware wasn’t stable and was of no use. Also, iOS 9.2.1 might have patched some of the iOS 9.2 jailbreak exploits, which is causing more delay. This means that we will directly get an iOS 9.3 jailbreak.

When Will iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Release?

iOS 9.3 beta has been pushed out to developers and public testers. As this firmware is expected to bring some new features or changes, it might take a few beta releases before the final public version is released. An educational guess says that iOS 9.3 final version will be released at the end of this month, and rumors suggest that the iOS 9.3 jailbreak should be released right within a day or two after that. Let’s see if that turns out to be true.

Do you have any guesses? Comment below.


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