Apple iOS 9 was released yesterday and came with some new features and updates. It could be called a maintenance release because the main focus was on making the software smarter and faster, rather than rebuilding and adding new stuff to it. Also, iOS 9 in some way can be considered a complete version of iOS 8 with improved performance, eliminated bugs and smoothed out ‘rough edges’.

In the new OS, little changes are more noticeable than the big ones, and even though it wouldn’t amaze you with unique features, there are still some useful new updates.

iOS 9 Here is a list of some tips and tricks to help you get to know iOS 9 faster.

1. Enter Proactive Assistant

Apple ProactiveTo enter Siri’s Proactive Assistant, swipe right from your first home screen and it will offer you suggestions based on used apps, contacts etc. For example, if you call your Mom often, the Proactive Assistant will make a shortcut of her contact info. However, if you don’t find the Proactive assistant useful, go to Spotlight Search  in Settings and flip the toggle from green to white.

2. Turn off Character pop-ups while you type

Turn off Character pop-upsIf you always hated character pop-ups while typing, the iOS 9 now has a solution for you. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard and switch the Character Preview toggle off.

3. Find nearby locations in Maps which support Apple Pay

Apple PayWhen you search for locations in Maps, you can also check whether the places – like restaurants or markets – support Apple Pay.

4. Planning your next subway trip

Move all routesIn case you are traveling to one of the cities supported by Apple Maps transit directions, you don’t have to wait until you get there to plan your route. Now, when you see transit directions in Maps, go to ‘More Routes’ > ‘Options’. You will be able to set the time, date and method of transport for your journey.

5. Save Battery

Low Power ModeSimilar to Android’s Power Saving mode, the iOS 9 now has a button to save battery too, and it’s called Low Power Mode. You can turn it on in Battery Settings under Touch ID in Settings. Once you turn it on, your iPhone’s battery icon will turn yellow, meaning it’s saving energy by reducing the performance of the phone. Even if you don’t turn it on by yourself, you will receive a notification to do so when your iPhone’s battery is at 20%.

6. Apple Wallet

Apple WalletLike Newsstand, the Passbook app also has a new name and is now called the Wallet. In the Wallet app, you can add cards using the same method as before, except that it now also the home for Apple Pay Credit, debit and store cards, reward cards, etc.

7. iCloud Drive shortcut icon on home screen

15-650-80In the previous iOS 8, iCloud drive could be accessed only going through supported apps first but now that has been fixed by iOS 9. You can have the iCloud icon on your home screen by going to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and you will see a ‘Show on home screen’ toggle.

8. Search photos with Siri

Siri searching photosIf you have thousands of pictures and it’s hard for you to find the one you are looking for, Siri can help you with it now. Just ask it to search for photos from a specific time or place and it will take you there.

9. Turn off Siri

How to silent siriIf you go to Settings > General > Siri, there is a new setting called Voice Feedback. You can choose whether Siri should be ‘Always on’, ‘Hands-free only’ or even ‘Control with ring switch’, which prevents Siri from speaking until your Ring Switch is switched to silent.

10. Search in Settings

21-650-80Now that iPhones are more powerful, they are also overloaded with options and switches, making it hard to locate the ones you are searching for. That won’t be a problem in iOS 9 because you will be able to search for a specific setting without having to go through many switches and selections.

11. Wi-Fi Assist

22-650-80At the bottom of Settings > Cellular, there is a new toggle named ‘Wi-Fi-Assist’. If you turn it on, your phone will switch to LTE when the signal is weak.

12. Use Apple CarPlay without plugging in your iPhone

Apple CarplayIf you have a vehicle which has Apple CarPlay integration, it may have frustrated you to plug in your iPhone every single time. That won’t be the case with iOS 9; you will be able to use Apple CarPlay without having to plug in your iPhone.

13. Updating to iOS 9 requires less then 2GB space

28-650-80When iOS 8 was released, it required 4.6GB of free space which made its adoption rate slow for those who had 16 GB iPhones. That has changed with iOS 9 and now, you don’t have to go through deleting apps and photos to make space. Upgrading will not be a problem this time because iOS 9 requires less than 2GB of space. Even if you are pushing to the greatest, Apple helps by deleting enough apps and photos to install iOS 9, and retrieves them after the installation is complete.


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