While Apple’s developers are busy developing iOS 10 to make it ready for its September public release, more “liberal” iOS users are looking forward to the iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak. Since quite some months, we haven’t seen any jailbreak release, and even Pangu hasn’t announced anything lately. Meanwhile, murmurs about the iOS 10 jailbreak have already started, and some promising developments have been seen so far.

iOS 10 jailbreak ih8sn0w-compressed

As reported by EcumenicalNews, renowned hacker iH8sn0w has already demonstrated a jailbreak for iOS 10. He released a video recently that showed his iPhone 5 running iOS 10 jailbreak on iOS 10 beta 1. The hacker demonstrated Cydia on iOS 10 in the video, thus making it clear that jailbreaking iOS 10 is possible.

However, there are rumors that the security flaw exploited by iH8sn0w to get the iOS 10 jailbreak was intentionally left out by Apple. The iOS 10 kernel isn’t encrypted so that developers can report more bugs in the firmware, and anyway, Apple wouldn’t commit such a significant mistake. It is being said that a special developer team at Apple is currently examining the iOS 10 jailbreak.

But do not get too happy, as iH8sn0w has showcased jailbreaks in the past as well but hasn’t released it, just like Luca Todesco. That’s because these hackers just find the exploits and jailbreak the firmware, but their tools are not stable or polished or easy enough for us normal users. This is why we have to rely on teams like Pangu and TaiG to get a publicly usable jailbreak tool.

ChristianToday reports that fans can look forward to the iOS 10 jailbreak release this fall. Well, that’s pretty obvious, as Apple will release iOS 10 final version to the public in fall after the iPhone 7 launch. Any jailbreak release will happen only after iOS 10 is out, as releasing jailbreaks for beta versions don’t make sense. We have hopes from Pangu and TaiG this time, so the team will hopefully find an iOS 10 jailbreak soon.

Pangu is going to hold a security meet on 1st July, and we hope to hear something about a jailbreak for iOS 10 or iOS 9.3.2. As iOS 9.3.3 is in beta, so we don’t know whether jailbreak teams are working for an iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak. Let’s wait and see what happens.


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