Apple is closer and closer to finally releasing its iOS 10.2 updates. The company released the fifth developer version meaning the final version of the iOS 10.2 is very close to start shipping. Since the iOS 10.2 should fix all loopholes that might be used for jailbreaking iOS devices, it seems jailbreak may become impossible to perform, at least with the iOS 10.2.

Pangu iOS 10 Jailbreak To release After Next Major iOS Update

Apple already stated that with the release of the latest iOS update, the process of jailbreaking won’t be possible. Apple’s statement gained more strength after a popular jailbreaker Luca Todesco warned other jailbreakers to not install iOS 10.2 when it starts shipping. As he stated, updating the device will make it more secure and safe, but will also patch lots of bugs that can be used for hacking the device. Luca advises users to stick to the iOS 10.1.1 if they plan to jailbreak the device.

Also, Luca believes that if anyone managed to jailbreak the current iOS version, they should stick to it and not update. Regular users can’t perform a jailbreak since there isn’t a jailbreaking tool for the iOS 10 at the moment, but it might surface in the near future. So, if you want to be able to perform a jailbreak on your iOS device, stick to the current firmware version.

The current situation with the planned update isn’t great, and since the Chinese hacking group Pangu still hasn’t released an iOS 10 jailbreaking tool, despite claiming the tool will become available soon, it could mean Apple’s confidence about iOS 10 being unbreakable is justified.

Apple is trying to maximally strengthen its mobile operating system with every new update. At the moment, the company is offering up to $100,000 for anyone who finds a bug in the OS. At the end, if you don’t plan on jailbreaking your device, install the iOS 10.2 update as soon as it becomes available. For users waiting for an iOS 10 jailbreak tool, it is better to stay on the iOS 10.1.1.


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