It is a known fact that Apple has already released the next iteration of their operating system, iOS 10. And, more recently the company made it as a public beta, which allowed many users to try the latest operating system on their smartphones. However, Pangu Team has already managed to Jailbreak the iOS 10 Beta and the developers are now waiting for the official release, which will be released in September along the much awaited iPhone 7.


At the Mobile Security Conference on July 1 in China, the team has shown the entire process of how to Jailbreak the iOS 10, however, at that point time, it seemed unachievable. Now, the team has already achieved the feat within no time.

It is widely expected that the Pangu team will release a Jailbreak tool for the iOS 9.3.2, but now they are withdrawing this decision as the team believes that all the users will definitely update their devices devices to iOS 10 when it goes public in September. Moreover, the team isn’t either releasing the jailbreak tool for iOS 10 too, because Apple will patch those in the final iOS 10 build.

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Having said that, there won’t be any tools Jailbreak tools in near furture and it is worth saying that the reliable Jailbreak tool from Pangu Team was for iOS 9.1. Since then, the team hasn’t been overshadowed by other sources. That said, if you have installed the iOS 10 Public Beta update, you need to wait for the final build to release in September to Jailbreak it.