Finally, Apple has released the iOS 10 for iPhones worldwide. The free update brings in a complete renovation of your smartphone. The new update can be downloaded straight from to the ‘Settings’ on your phone. You can also download the iOS 10 IPSW file and then check out how to clean install iOS 10.


The iOS 10 is similar to the version of iOS 10 GM that was released earlier. It includes many new features and design tweaks such as a new Lock screen experience, a revamped Messages app, etc. Here’s our Apple iOS 10: New Features Roundup.

1. New Lock Screen

Apple has taken away the old slide-to-unlock lock screen. You just have to press the home button to unlock. In fact, you have to press the home button to do everything now. The home button got a revamp in the new iPhone models, which might have lead to the re-imagined Lock screen experience.

2. New Messages App


The revamped Messages app comes with background animations, bubble effects, etc. You’ll now have the option of sending drawings, heartbeats or pictures next to the field where you write messages. Apps have been introduced to Messages. These apps offer different features such as finding gifs and sending people money.

3. Better Notifications


You can now interact with the Notifications on your lock screen, by hard or long press. The iOS 10 apps such Messages app also offer a mini version in the notifications too. This integration should be coming to most apps soon.

4. 3D Touch Application


Just like the notifications, the home screen also offers a mini version of the apps, if you hard press on an app icon with 3D Touch. This allows you to check who you’ve got emails from or play Music from your recently played albums. These mini versions can also be added as a widget to the lock screen.

5. Photos App

The new Photos app comes with impressive facial, scene, and object recognition capabilities. It uses artificial intelligence to search out the things you want to find. You can now just search for a specific thing like flowers and see all the flowers you’ve photographed. You can also identify people and the app can find their pictures. The app also arranges the special automatic memories of nice days out.

6. Redesigned Apple Maps


The new Apple Maps is changed in a big way. It sports a new design and features. Now, you find where you’re going by using the search bar at the bottom. It offers a range of suggestions, sourced from your mail and other apps. Users will also be able to change the routes as they move along. You can also zoom in and out while you’re on your journey. The new Apple Maps allows you to schedule stop-offs, finding coffee or petrol, etc. too

7. Smarter Siri


Now other apps will also be able to interact with Siri. For example, Siri will be able to ask Uber for a car for you.

Also, the Phone tab comes with a new category called ‘Announce Calls’. This makes Siri announce who is calling you based on their contact name.

8. Smart keyboard

The new keyboard can now read your messages and gather information to answer people’s questions. For example, if someone asks for your email, it’ll just pop up in the suggestions box. You’ll be able to send it straight away.

9. Deleting apps


Finally, the new iOS 10 will allow you to finally delete the stock apps that you don’t use from your home screen. Just tap and hold on the app and click the cross in the corner. Some of the apps aren’t actually deleted. All of them can be recovered through the App Store anyway. If you want an app back, just look for it in the search bar. It’ll look like you’re downloading it, but actually it’ll just appear back on your phone.

Additionally, there are hundreds of smaller changes in the operating system. There’s a new Home app, Apple Music has been redesigned, and so on.


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