So, that’s it, folks! This could very well be the end of jailbreaking communities as we have known it — or at least, so does it seem at this juncture.

Several users of Luca Todesco’s jailbreak tools recently had to confront a bitter reality after the famed jailbreaking enthusiast from Italy stated that Apple’s iOS CAN NOT be jailbroken. Note that when we mentioned the term “can not”, we essentially mean that it could be close to impossible, if not outright impossible, to get through the precautionary measures adopted by Cupertino in the forthcoming iOS version.

iOS 10 jailbreak news
Jailbreaking iOS 10.3 could be close to impossible, says Italian iOS hacker Luca Todesco

Apparently, Apple’s switch to the new File System APFS makes it insanely tough for jailbreakers to get through the IPA (iOS Application Archive) files. Not just that, it seems even all attempts to downgrade to the previous version of the operating system could end up as a futile exercise, Redmond Pie reports.

Worth noting, even though Todesco had earlier released the iOS 10.2 jailbreak tool, the jailbreaking community came across a plethora of issues in the operating system that essentially rendered the tool by and large useless. Nonetheless, Todesco is still working on the tool to polish it further.

But as Apple began rolling out the iOS 10.3 beta 3 to registered developers, it became obvious that Cupertino currently has the upper hand in its long-standing race with the jailbreaking community.

According to MacRumors, the general availability of the iOS 10.3 update could begin soon. If so, it would definitely clearly imply that Apple is keen on making aggressive moves to deliver a fatal blow to the whole jailbreaking culture. The fact that jailbreakers are having an increasingly tough time breaching Apple’s firmware is not helping their cause either.

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On a related note, Todesco recently recommended iOS users who would like to jailbreak their devices to save iOS 10.2’s SHSH2 blobs.