Pangu maintained unusual silence about iOS 10 jailbreaks. Amidst rumors about Pangu silently working on iOS 10 jailbreak, a few jailbreakers like Luca Todesco and TaiG came up with their tools. Todesco’s Yalu latest jailbreak for iOS 10 is by no means bug-free and leaves a lot of room for fixes and improvements since it still remains in beta. Could Pangu have failed to come up with jailbreak after the Cupertino company successfully tightened all loose ends? Or is Pangu simply not keen on talking about iOS jailbreak?

Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak release date New iOS 10.2 jailbreak could be in the works

Luca Todesco’s jailbreak is by no means easy – it’s tricky and risky. Considering all the bugs and the tricky process, many users chose to stick with the good old rock solid 9.3.3 Pangu jailbreak. But there’s hope for a new iOS jailbreak. According to Forbes, Luca’s recent tweet is quite interesting, in that it hints at a possible new iOS 10 jailbreak. Alternatively, it could also mean that Luca is possibly just waiting till iOS 10.3 so he can stabilize his tool.

image source: Forbes, Twitter

Even if you do get the jailbreak to work easily with the touch of just an app, doing so after 7 days from the previous jailbreak will require you to resign the app as well as re-jailbreak, which for most users is totally unwelcome. Luca’s tweet hints about an imminent solution that will do away with the complicated process of jailbreaking and to the happiness of all jailbreak fans introduce a feature in the new jailbreak that could put an end to the need for re-sign after 7 days.

It’s highly likely that Luca is waiting to be sure Apple doesn’t release a patch to fix the exploit he’s been using to develop his tool.


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