AMD’s ambitious plans to take on Nvidia in the GPU space with its Vega architecture based Graphics Cards looks promising enough, at least for now. Conceived and executed over 5 years, AMD’s new Vega architecture enables new possibilities in PC gaming, professional design, and machine intelligence, which haven’t been addressed effectively by previous generation GPU architectures. Reports have already hinted at the performance of AMD Radeon Vega Graphics card clocking at 1600MHz with 16GB HBM2. In yet another leak concerning AMD graphics core, an entry listed at SiSoft Sandra has been spotted showing a Kaby Lake processor with an interesting graphics core.

asus 100 series motherboard supports kaby lake

Intel Kaby Lake with AMD Graphics Core spotted

According to reports, the listing on SiSoft Sandra shows a Gen9 Graphics core that has 1720 SP, which could make for a powerful GPU, although it’s clocked at a modest 1GHz. The max performance is expected to touch around 3.4TFLOPs according to reports. The AMD graphics core, if reports are anything to go by, manages a pretty decent performance and outshines the Iris Pro 580 by a factor of 2-3 and scores 52.9FPS as against Iris Pro 580’s modest 40.9 FPS in Manhattan benchmark.

image source: sisoftware

According to reports, the one spotted is expected to be a custom chip designed specifically for the Cupertino company. This, after all, may not be a general-to-use product – it could be targeted specifically at Apple. However, according to those with some knowledge about the benchmark, it looks like the one spotted isn’t a combined MCM but rather a new Vega variant which just happens to be benchmarked with a Kaby Lake processor with 23 CUs, hinting at a lower-end Vega die with 1472 SPs.

So, there’s still confusion about the authenticity of what exactly has appeared on SiSoft Sandra. It’s wise to take this information with a grain of salt until we hear officially from either AMD or Intel. Meanwhile, there are reports that Intel Core i9 doesn’t really live up to expectations. Even though Intel’s Core i9 series are incredibly powerful, some enthusiasts are beginning to feel it doesn’t simply live up to the hype.

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