Intel’s forthcoming overclocking ready i3 7350K 4.2GHz dual Core CPU benchmarks have been leaked online and unless you had set your expectations unrealistically high, you are in for a treat. Based on what we have seen, the little dual core Kaby Lake chip has the potential to outperform pretty much all of Intel’s previous and current generation quad-core i5 CPUs.

Add to that its overclocking friendly unlocked multiplier, and you may as well put it inside the Sandy Bridge i7’s territory.

via WCCFtech

The Intel Core i3 7350 is the first of its kind i3 chip to bring the much-anticipated overclocking friendly unlocked multiplier for the enthusiast users. It is rated at a TDP of 91W and sports 4MB of L3 cache. Because it is a dual core CPU with hyperthreading, it can essentially execute up to four threads simultaneously.

The i3 7350K is a member of the Kaby Lake family. It is based on the Skylake microarchitecture with some key process enhancements for boosting power efficiency and frequencies over the average Skylake part.

This is precisely why the little chip can boost o 4.2 GHz right out of the box. The unlocked multiplier to facilitate easy overclocking is just the added bonus. Moreover, this move is also designed to ensure that buyers do not have to spend much to get high single-core performance.

Courtesy the 4.2 GHz boost clock, the i3 7500K can bring a single core of 5137 to the table, meaning a notably faster performance compared to all stock i5 chips out there. That’s not all, though. Despite being equipped with only two cores, the i3 7350K pulls off a multi-core score of 10048, meaning it is in the same league as the previous-generation quadcore i5 chips such as the i5 4670K or the i5 6400K.  

Via WCCFtech


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