The Ryzen series from AMD is undeniably a better proposition when it comes to a balance between features and pricing. Intel, the current market leader, is sure to get severely hit by the Ryzen processors and is doing anything they can to retain their market share. Intel is even following some unethical ways to influence people for considering Intel over AMD’s Ryzen, as the allegations say.

Intel is by far the biggest processor maker for computers in the market and AMD stands with a minimal share as of now. Ryzen processors are sure to threaten Intel’s position in their market as they offer much more powerful processors at half the price of what Intel offers. To tackle this, Intel is allegedly offering some “incentive rebates” to its customers and is sending a “call us before you write” email to some of the press that are reviewing Ryzen processors.

This is not the first time that Intel is being indulged in such activities. Going back to 2009, Intel was directed by an EU court to pay a fine of $1.4 billion for its anti-competitive practices against AMD. The company paid the fine only recently in 2014. The company was accused of providing monetary incentives to certain PC manufacturers for buying their CPUs while neglecting AMD’s.

The companies were also paid to halt or delay the launch of AMD hardware. The retailers were paid to stock only Intel-powered computers. Intel was also accused in a similar case under US Federal Trade Commission for unfair and deceptive conduct. The case was settled only after Intel paid AMD a total of $1.25 billion. These are just two of many instances where Intel was found to be at fault. Considering the scale at which the company operates, it isn’t hard to imagine how the company could manipulate the market.

If the reports are to be believed, Intel is back with its old practices. One report claimed that Intel PR sent out emails to several people of the press asking them to contact Intel before writing reviews on Ryzen processors. With its launch slated for March 2nd, the reviews are supposed to drop on that day itself. It should be the right time for Intel to try and manipulate the reviews of the upcoming Ryzen processors.

Besides this, Intel is also offering discounts to the potential customers urging them to make big buying decisions even before they are able to evaluate the AMD Ryzen processors. One thing is clear that Intel’s throne has been shaken by AMD and it will all it can to prevent anything that threatens its market position, be it an unethical way.


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