If you’re anything like most Ubuntu loyalists out there, you must be excited about the new Unity 8 desktop experience.

The folks at GNOME recently demonstrated the current state of the Unity 8 in both the ‘staged’ and the ‘desktop’ modes in a video you can find at the bottom of this page. The video allows us a decent sneak peek into some of the promising swiping and sliding features from phone/tablet translated to the desktop.

It is possible to install a working Unity 8 preview session, operating on the Mir display server via the security of a Linux container using Xenial. It will enable you to install the new bleeding edge Unity 8 preview session along with the reliable Unity 7 desktop. All you’ll require doing is choose and use it from the login screen.

ubuntu unity launcher moves to bottom

In the event you have already installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, you can install the Unity 8 preview session right away straight from the Ubuntu archives.

Simply start a new Terminal window and execute the following command:

sudo apt install unity8-lxc

Allow the installation process to complete before moving on. After step#1, now it’s time to launch the Unity 8 LXC setup :

sudo unity8-lxc-setup

Following this step correctly will configure the container and install Unity 8 apps, meta-package, and relevant dependencies.

You can run the wizard by expecting the following command in the terminal: sudo unity8-lxc-setup.

Make it a point to keep an eye on the configuration process to detect any error in the authentication phase.

Once done, reboot the computer and then select the Unity 8 session from the Unity Greeter login screen and sign in.

Be reminded though, since both Unity 8 and Mir are still under production, bugs and occasional performance inconsistency are to be expected.

You can update the Unity 8 preview session by implementing the following command in the terminal:

sudo unity8-lxc-setup –update-lxc


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