If you are an active Instagram user, we’re sure it has been an amusing or probably a frustrating day for you on your Instagram feed. Meaningless posts from Instagrammers are being posted today, and the posts seem to be just unending, all of them asking you to turn on notifications for them. So basically, you are being asked to turn on the post notifications for each and every account you follow. Professional Instagrammers as well as brands are worried that they will disappear from users’ Instagram feeds after the app switches to its algorithmic feed.

Image by hqpictures.net
Image by hqpictures.net

In case you don’t know, let’s make it simple for you. When YouTube and Vine turned on their algorithmic feeds, all the brands, Viners, and YouTubers were asking their followers to turn on their notifications. That’s the same thing that happened with Facebook for Pages posts, and that’s exactly what Instagram is going to go through. But yes, for regular users, this is getting more and more ridiculous, with people posting things requesting or even begging you to turn on the post notifications for their accounts.

so people, you're probably sick of this already, well thanks to @instagram for the spam of #letsstaytogether and turn on notifications post. I'm still going to post this cause yes I'm going to be honest here, I work really hard for this, I put a lot of time and effort into taking pictures, writing recipes and well maintaing my account and my blog. You might not actually believe it but sometimes I just sit there 30 minutes and all I do is answer comments. I know I could just not reply, no one forces me to, but I enjoy interacting with this community and I appreciate every single comment so of course I am trying to get back to you all. Anyways my point is that yes I do care if you get to see my pictures and yes I do want maintain this community as amazing as it is as of right now. Now if you fanc y doing so turn on the notifications to always be updated when new recipes are posted on my blog. So peeps, byeeee y'all I'm off to spending some time with the squad who ironically I have met over insta… Have a good one?✌️#letsstaytogether #instagram #notification

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But let’s not complain without understanding both sides of the coin. These Instagrammers work really hard to bring all the exciting content to you, and the millions of followers mean a lot to them. But now that Instagram is getting crowded with dozens of new photos being posted every few minutes and the good stuff getting lose in the middle of nowhere, Instagram has decided to implement algorithmic feed that will show only those posts that perform well and are the best.

So if you really love the content posted by Instagrammers and brands, you should definitely turn on notifications for them. And if you are a professional or a brand, you should be tensed right now as all your hard work is going to go down the drain if only a fraction of your followers will receive your amazing photos. So do ask your fans to turn on notifications, but please be polite.

What’s worse is that there’s no analytics tool for Instagram, so professionals and brands won’t get to know if their posts are doing good or if their hard work is yielding no results. If you are a brand and if your reach comes down to a seriously low level, you might have to pay for ads just like on Facebook. Though it’s not bad for Instagram itself, brands will have to shell out money for something that was free until now.

So now you know why the whole of Instagram is full of “Please turn on the post notifications…” posts today. Let’s see whether this change makes Instagram more interesting or not.

What do you feel about this change? Comment below.


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