Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app recently changed their application logo and implemented the monochrome interface, which was heavily criticised by many users. However, the company did not budge and change the UI. But, was working on the interface to look it better.

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In the process, the Facebook-owned company released a new update with version number 8.4.0 and stated that they are working on the interface to make it look better. The changelog is as follows for the update 8.4.0:-

We have a new look! Our updated icon stays true to the camera and rainbow. The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app.

Instagram is also criticised for their application logo, but they didn’t change that either. In their blog post, the company stated that the design is now lot simpler and has a new look on how your photos and videos interface look.

You can either wait for the update to roll out officially to your device in your location or else Free Download the APK and manually install it on your device from


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