Facebook is surely the king of social media websites, but it surely cannot replace some newer social media services that have got people hooked to their phones. Yes, we are talking about the Instagram app on Android devices that has a massive huge following and is used by common people and celebrities alike. It’s like a platform to share your special images, those moments that you would like to flaunt to the world. You get to edit those images and recreate them into something more awesome using the preset filters. Not just pictures, but Instagram lets you edit and share videos as well, which gives you a Twitter-like service for sharing photos and videos.

instagram android app update

Well, the app has got a new update that aims to bring more stability and performance to it. The new Instagram update comes with the version number 7.16.0 and build number 21966528. The complete Instagram 7.16.0 APK file weighs 12.5 MB, and it will be compatible with all the phones running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above.

Though this new update might not bring significant changes to the Instagram app and might not look like a big deal, but do remember that every update makes the app more stable and ready for future updates. So go ahead and download this new Instagram update now. You can download Instagram 7.16.0 APK free from apkmirror.com.


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