Inno3D GTX 1080 iChiLL BLACK edition has everything going for it, and will be a favorite amongst gamers who have high-end computer systems. Instead of sporting a custom air or a reference cooler, Inno3D has used a hybrid cooler in place, which will effectively keep the temperatures of the GPU to lowered levels. According to Stanley Wong, the Managing Director at Inno3D, the iChiLL BLACK edition has been catered to gamers with high-end rigs.

“We’re aiming to satisfy the enthusiast gamer who has ridiculous demands and with our iChiLL BLACK edition they get the Brute among High-End Graphics Cards. The Hybrid cooling solution makes it possible to squeeze every single drop of performance out of the highest performing components. It not only results in an awesome performing product, it also runs at extremely low noise levels.”

Like most custom made GTX 1080 graphic cards, this one is running at a factory overclocked speed of 1759MHz. Strangely enough, Inno3D has not specified the Boost clock speeds of the GPU, but if the default clock speed of the graphics card is running at 1759MHz, then the Boost clock speeds of the chip will also be running at a higher frequency. Like all GTX 1080 GPU, this one features 8GB of GDDR5X memory running at a memory bus width of 256 bits.

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There’s even a RGB lightning setup on top of the GPU, and if you have a transparent panel present in your computer chassis, you will be able to light up the looks of your gaming rig. Inno3D has not specified pricing or availability details of the graphics card, but has said to remain in contact with retailers for more information. Like all custom made GTX 1080 GPUs, you should not think that this one is going to come cheaply.