All characters in Injustice 2 look a lot like the actors who play them. They changed Wonder Woman to make her look like Gal Gadot. Even Supergirl resembles Melissa Benoist a bit. And Deadshot’s mask is now completely white just like the one Will Smith wore in Suicide Squad. We guess that is what the game developers were doing all those months making the game crisper and cleaner.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 Supergirl revealed in brand new gameplay video

We like this version of Supergirl. It is a complete opposite of traditional versions. Full pants instead of a short skirt, sleeveless top instead of a full sleeve, and short hair instead of long hair. And she still looks good.

A lot of action was showcased in the video. Fans can look forward to using her ice breath, heat vision and a super-speedy “teleport” attack. In the last one, she flies off of one side of the screen and attacks from the other.

You can customize her costume and any of the character’s costumes. You can add or subtract any piece you want. And even change the color palette. So if you want like a sleeveless superhero or a red and white batman with a full mask, you can do that. Furthermore, we will be very disappointed if we don’t get a Melissa Benoist skin for Supergirl as well as a Grant Gustin Flash skin and Reverse Flash skin. Although knowing DC they’ll probably snub him and just put a Snyderverse Flash skin instead.

They had an Arrow skin for Ollie in the first Injustice. And the skin was fully voiced by Amell instead of the game’s usual actor. It is a safe bet we will get skins/gear for the various live-action, animated, and comic appearances.

Source: Screenrant


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