To start with, we need to clarify this is just talk and it wasn’t confirmed as absolutely true. So take it with a grain of salt. However, remember that many bits of gossip about Injustice 2 ended up being valid, some, however, were false. Segment Next unearthed an Injustice 2 program list on the well-known imageboard site 4chan. A few characters that will be a part of the game have been revealed before. These include characters like Batman, Superman, The Flash, Atrocitus and so forth. In spite of the fact that the spilled list seems conceivable, we can’t affirm that it originated from a tenable source.

Injustice 2

Is this the entire roster for Injustice 2?

It will be a source of enthusiasm to see whether this rundown ends up being valid. Before we even knew the correct discharge date for the game, Ed Boon, innovative chief of NetherRealm Studios has been prodding fans over Twitter about the conceivable Injustice 2 list. A portion of the characters that he may have been indicated include the Watchmen and Spawn. There is a probability that we won’t need to sit tight for long to get an affirmation about this current rundown’s believability.

NetherRealm declared before that we ought to expect the uncover of new characters on January 24 on Injustice Watchtower Livestream. Likewise, the game’s Ultimate Edition offer has as of now uncovered that we will clearly observe one Green Lantern in the game. What do you think? Would this Injustice 2 list be any great? Let us know down underneath in the comment segment.

Source: Segment Next


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