As of late, an online beta test for Injustice 2 has been affirmed. You can join to partake in the beta. The beta test will be accessible on both PS4 and Xbox One. You should pick one of the two platforms you need to get to while getting yourself enlisted. Moreover, you will have the capacity to play as Supergirl in the Injustice 2 beta.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 beta will permit you to play as Supergirl

The Supergirl is much speedier than superman. Moreover, it appears that she will play a blend between Superman and herself. Much the same as the Flash in Injustice (the first one), the supergirl has a move where she dashes off the screen just to show up on the opposite side for conveying her assault.

You can likewise investigate the combos and the assault conceivable outcomes in the video that was uploaded on YouTube. Be that as it may, tragically, the genuine fervor arrives at an end. At that point, there is a look at the Supergirl and her super move called The Asteroid Shower.

Amid the move, the Supergirl flies her adversary into space. At that point, she tosses the rival back to Earth. As the rival is falling she impacts him or her a space rock. Additionally, Ed Boon released an extremely encouraging Tweet on his Twitter account recently. It accompanied a remark that appears to indicate the up and coming Beta of Injustice 2. And now we know without a doubt the beta is occurring soon because the registration is live. The Story Trailer of the Injustice 2 revealed its new characters including Brainiac, Robin, Darkseid and Poison Ivy as a pre-order reward.

Source: Gamespot


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