You might have heard about augmented reality gaming being used in Pokemon GO that will be released this year. However, it won’t be the first game to use augmented reality, as we already have such a game called Ingress, which won the Grand Prize at the Japanese Media Arts Festival 2015.


Ingress is a game that uses the real world to progress further. You need to use the Ingress app on your Android device and move through the real world to discover the sources of a mysterious energy that is supposedly going to destroy our world. On your way, you can acquire objects, capture territory by deploying tech, and join with other players around you. he story keeps evolving every day, and you can invite your friends to join you in your mission to save the world.

If you love playing Ingress, you should know that the game has received a new update that brings a lot of changes to it. The new Ingress 1.94.0 APK supports Android 4.0 and weighs 34.85 MB.

Thankfully, Ingress 1.94.0 APK comes with a changelog that has been posted on its Google Play Store page:

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* Recycling a Power Cube now gives its full value of XM. Pro-tip: Recycle multiple Power Cubes at once to turbo recharge your XM Tank
* Larger buttons on high-resolution screens
* Power Cube cannot be used when tank is already full
* Fix XM level when activating a power cube while collecting wild XM.
You can download Ingress from the below-mentioned source link.


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