Is there a secret feature or game mode in the Infinite Warfare Beta that we should know about? Well, indeed there is and that explains why there is no Infinte Warfare Beta PC yet. We have good reason to believe that Activision and Infinity Ward are hiding some features from us. However, it could be they are not as polished yet. So, maybe they’re saving the best for last? Who knows. At the moment it is just speculation but we have good reason to speculate why there isn’t an Infinte Warfare Beta on the PC.

infinite warfare beta pc
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No Infinte Warfare Beta PC yet but there’s more to that

Activision never gave a clear reason as to why there is no beta for their flagship shooter on the PC. Perhaps it isn’t that valuable for them to do a Beta this year on the PC then? Obviously, the game has more players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, a year earlier, Black Ops 3 had a beta on the PC alongside consoles. So, it’s quite strange that Infinity Ward are not having a beta for their game this year.

There could be tons of reasons why that maybe the case. Perhaps the game is still not as optimized for PC as it is for consoles. PC optimization has always been a huge issue for CoD on the PC. As opposed to Battlefield, which is always incredibly optimized for PC hardware, CoD doesn’t get a similar treatment on the PC. A lack of a consistent CoD player base could be a reason for that. But we believe the tides could be changing and the fact that we don’t have a beta for PC this year could hint at some immense improvements being made to the Infinite Warfare Beta PC version of the game.


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