Today we will explain to you how the movement, rigs and the energy systems work in the new Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. The Infinite Warfare Rigs are a new addition to the franchise and might seem daunting at first. That’s why we are here to unpack it all for you so you will be prepared when the beta finally hits later this year. We will give you the most important facts about Infinite Warfare multiplayer right here, right now!

infinite warfare rigs
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Movement is very similar to Black Ops 3

You have thrust jumps and wall-running which are nearly identical to Black Ops 3 when it comes to timing, speed, overall height, and velocity. Exo boosting is not part of the game. However, one Rig can use it and we will explain it to you further in the article. Infinite Warfare also has the same slide mechanics and mantling mechanics as Black Ops 3. So players shouldn’t have much problem moving around the game if they have played Black Ops 3.

There is no water in the entire game. No swimming. No fancy fish AI

We have not seen a single water map so far. maybe InfinityWard will add them later on? We’ll just have to wait and see.

There is a new grenade mechanic – Throw a grenade while shooting a gun!

This is definitely something new. You can throw your grenades, both tactical and lethal with your left hand while you hit the fire with your right hand. So you can run in and spray bullets at enemies hiding behind cover to suppress them and throw a grenade at the same time to flush them out and into your line of fire.

Thrust meter charges real slow

Your thrust meter in this game charges at a much slower speed than the one you had in Black Ops 3. Almost 25% to 30% slower. However, those who are used to playing Black Ops 3 as Afterburner and bouncing all over the place, this will definitely be a problem for them to adjust to. At the moment, only one Rig can equip the Afterburner perk. That perk also burns people alive if you jump over their head.

Now we get to the good part – Infinite Warfare Rigs!

Rigs are probably the most confusing part of the game. They’re roughly the same as specialists from Black Ops 3. Each one is good at something and each one has its own unique look. You have the rig that allows you to go camouflage. One rig allows you to set up a shield and it can also charge through a corridor with a protective shield and kill anyone in its way.

You have two slots to fill before you deploy

Each slot is a different category. Slot 1 is for weapons or abilities. This is called your Pay Load slot. This is similar to Black Ops 3 Specialist. You can choose between rig weapons or special abilities that they have. Some abilities are similar to perks like in the previous Call of Duty games, while some are legitimate abilities like in Black Ops 2 (glitch, stim etc).

In the second slot, you cannot put any weapon or ability. You have to choose a trait which is unique to each rig, Each rig has three and you have to choose one for Slot 2. One trait is almost like a regular perk like scavenger and so on.

infinite warfare rigs
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Infinite Warfare Rigs – Each Rig has a unique movement ability

Unique movement ability is considered a trait, so you have to equip this in slot no. 2 to be able to use it. This means it’s not passive and has to be chosen otherwise it is not applied. Each one of the six is different. One trait charges your thrust meter faster, and when you jump over someone’s head, he is put on fire. One trait was Exo Boost, similar to the one from Advanced Warfare. Another one was similar to slamming the ground in Halo

So, to summarize, you have six total rigs. You have two slots. Slot 1 can only use weapon or abilities and these are further divided into sub-categories. Slot 2 can only take weapon or ability and you have further divisions in that.

You can swap your Rigs mid-game

Unlike Black Ops 3, if you don’t feel so confident playing with a certain setup, you can change your Rig to accommodate yourself better.

Infinite Warfare Energy Weapons

Infinite Warfare has the best energy weapons ever implemented in a Call of Duty game. they fire, flash, hit-scan and kick just like regular guns. The only real difference is they fire blue tracer rounds and have different sound effects. There’s none of that crap you see in some FPS where you sometimes have to wait for them to recharge or the rounds don’t follow the intended ray cast from your cross-hair.

Energy weapons regenerate ammo!

The energy weapons regenerate ammo directly to your magazine or your capacity stock. That means if you fire your gun and wait a bit instead of reloading, the ammo rounds come back in your magazine.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the new Infinite Warfare Rigs and other stuff.


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