We teach you the real and best way on how to get a De-Atomizer Strike in Infinite Warfare. The first thing to start off with are the best Classes, Loadouts, and Scorestreaks. Before we get into the details, remember to equip the gun with the nuclear perk otherwise you won’t get the de-atomizer strike. We recommend you equip the Warfighter Specialist.

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De-Atomizer Strike Guide for Infinite Warfare

Use the fast-running ability or combat focus. We recommend the latter as well a the Ping trait. The Ping trait will give off a ping on a mini-map and you will be able to see enemies if they were in the range of that ping. This is very useful because you need to quickly go from one enemy to the next to get that De-Atomizer Strike.

Another reason for using the Ping trait is because your enemies will spawn around their alive teammates. So, you know where the enemy is most concentrated at. As for the gun, you should equip the NV4 Assault Rifle with the Suppressor, Grip, and Quick Draw attached. For perks, you need Ghost, Scavenger, and Marksman. These perks will let you get back up kills if you lose your nuclear streak.

For scorestreaks, use UAVs, Scorchers, and Warden. A lot of people use counter UAVs but that doesn’t work mainly because enemy players get more alert whenever they see their radar getting jammed. You don’t want that. They need to be distracted for you to successfully get the Nuclear Streak. And Warden is the best way to do that because once that’s called, they’ll be distracted with thoughts of where the Warden could come from in the sky.

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