Infinite Warfare Beta is here for the first weekend on the PlayStation 4. It will return for another weekend next week for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, starting October 21st till 24th. However, we expect the beta to extend even further due to prolonged connectivity issues, especially on the PS4. We’ve been hearing a lot from the devs in terms of weapon unlocks, camos and literally everything else as well. First let’s start with the daily activity bonuses.

infinite warfare beta
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Infinite Warfare Beta daily activity bonuses

Every single time you long into the Infinite Warfare multiplayer, you will get a daily bonus. This will happen once the game is out in November. So, yes you will basically earn points for logging into multiplayer before you even jump into a match. Keys will be the first bonus you will be getting as part of the daily activity bonus. That’s really cool and gives players an even bigger incentive for logging into multiplayer every day.

Salvage bonus

“If you want to be able to craft plenty of items, you’re going to need to have plenty of Salvage saved up. Salvage can be earned several different ways, all of which require you to simply play the game. To break things down ever further, though. Salvage can be earned through ranking up in the specific Mission Team you are enlisted in, through Supply Drops, and by “burning” (or breaking down) any duplicate items that you receive from Supply Drops. You’ll also have chances to be rewarded with Salvage for daily login bonuses, so be sure to sign in everyday and play a few matches to increase your Salvage gains.

(via Prima Games)

New Classic Weapon revealed

The ones of which we know so far are the Interceptor, UMP-45, Intervention, Spas-12 and M1. However, we now know that there is a sixth classic weapon coming called the Hornet.



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