The iMessage currently has a dirty secret that is definitely not safe for your kids to view. It was discovered that Apple’s iMessage service provides support for GIF files, and with those GIF files, sexual content will appear. One unfortunate incident happened with a mother, as she is even claiming that just typing the word ‘huge’ using GIF search could lead one to an image of a sexual nature.

According to a report, the iMessage service in iOS 10 has caused her daughter to see an explicit image showing a woman engaging in a sexual act with a male. The scenario that will make your gut churn is the fact that her eight-year-old daughter only typed the word ‘huge’ on GIF search and the sexual content popped up like it was nothing. Given below is the statement given by the mother.

iMessage Contains Sexual Content So Use It at Your Own Risk

“I see the image come up like, holy sh*t, whoa whoa whoa, that’s a hardcore porn image. I grabbed the phone from her immediately. She typed in the word ‘huge,’ which isn’t sexual in any nature. It’s just a word, not like butt or anything else. My daughter uses it because there’s cartoons and fart jokes, that kind of stuff. That’s hardcore porn. People making out she might see on ABC. That’s something that could potentially be pretty traumatizing for a small child.”

An updated report mentions that the terms ‘butt’ and ‘huge” have already been blacklisted from the GIF search on iMessage. However, there are still provocative GIF content remaining, and one example would be when you type the word ‘power’, which shows up a close-up of the woman’s breast. Apple hasn’t yet commented on the latest findings, but finding sexual content just through the iMessage service is completely unacceptable and it should be fixed at all costs.


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