DICE released the fall update for Battlefield 1 on PC, PS4 as well as Xbox. The patch brought in several promised changes. With changes to leadership mechanics and glitch fixes, you should now see less crummy squad leaders. The update in the patch includes additional capture points on Suez map and also setting the default operation size to 40 (instead of 60). After the update, if the squad leader ignores requests for orders, the leadership will be transferred automatically to another member of the squad. Also, when a squad member requests and order, the requested player is automatically added to the want-to-be-leader queue. A 60-second timer starts after which the first member in the squad queue is promoted as the leader. Whenever the current squad leader issues an order, queue for squad is cleared.

battlefield 1
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There are also conquest changes. You can add two additional flags on the Suez map, giving it a total of 5 flags. You can customize your soldier from within the UI. The default player count of operations has been changed to 64. The updates fix issues where a player could be catapulted if moving while proning between two structures and fix for soldiers running on terrain with the wrong angle.

Although the update comes with several fixes and improvements, it looks like the PC patch has downgraded the performance mainly in terms of image quality and texture rendering. Users have posted on Battlefield forums that the recent patch has downgraded the game performance. The comparison pics below clearly show the difference –

before the patch 
after patch
after the patch

Some of the other differences as noted by users –

  1. Lower terrain quality and missing foliage and plants.
  2. Lower shadow-draw distance.
  3. Downgrade of anisotropic filtering/textures.
  4. Lacking tessellation on muddy terrain path.

Have you noticed the observable degradation in graphics after Battlefield 1 patch? Share your experiences in the comments section.


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