The iMac didn’t receive an update for quite some time, but it seems Apple is getting ready to present a new iMac generation since there are more and more rumors talking about the upcoming iMac 2017 specs. Let’s see what the rumors talk about.

Firstly, it is rumored Apple will present the new iMac during 2017, at the next Apple event in March. The iMac could be revealed alongside a new generation of the iPad Pro.

Apple iMac 2016 Rumored To Sport Kaby Lake Processors

The previous wave of rumors suggested the next iMac generation will sport Kaby Lake processors from Intel. The problem is that Kaby Lake processors won’t become available before the end of 2016, probably the reason why Apple didn’t reveal new iMac computers during 2016.

The upcoming iMac will feature a redesigned chassis, offering slimmer AIO desktop, and lighter frame. Also, the device might come with an improved 5K display, as well with a full flash storage.

Some rumors talk about Apple could end up using Intel Xeon CPUs for the iMac 2017, skipping Kaby Lake, or offering the new processors at a later date. Since Intel Xeon CPU series is used on servers and workstations, the CPU is monstrously powerful, which could mean the upcoming iMacs may be more powerful than ever. The problem is that Xeon is pretty costly CPU, meaning the cost will go up. Maybe, in the end, Apple offers iMac with Kaby Lake CPUs, with Xeon being reserved for high-end versions of the new iMac.

Since 2016 saw the rise of Virtual Reality, the upcoming iMac might come with e beefy graphics card (Polaris 10, or Polaris 11 solution from AMD), capable for VR gaming. If rumors prove true, the upcoming iMac 2017 might see strong sales. Lighter chassis, excellent processors and graphic cards, as well as an improved design and a better display may drive users toward buying it.