The Hunter X Hunter manga series went on a hiatus months ago, and there is currently no official word on when it will return. Fans of the series have been waiting for the next chapter to arrive for quite some time now, and the majority of them have already started to lose their interest in the series. However, those who live in Japan and are currently eagerly waiting for the manga to arrive can check out the new smartphone game of Hunter X Hunter.

Hunter X Hunter: World Hunt 

Bandai Namco recently released a new smartphone game of Hunter X Hunter, Hunter X Hunter: World Hunt in Japan. The game is kind of amazing one as it lets you create your own avatar, after which you can join the world of Hunter X Hunter in a cyber space world. Aside from changing how your avatar looks, the game is filled with a lot of stuff which differs it from the previous games.

Hunter X Hunter

In the game, players will also meet many familiar faces from the series, such as Killua and Gon. Players can also level up their characters in the game so they can participate in various guild battles against real-time players. Along with this, after you successfully create your character, you will have to undergo the Water Divination test through which you’ll find out what abilities your character will get. You will also unlock some guild features which will help you in upgrading your character.

Hunter X Hunter Manga Updates 

As for the Hunter X Hunter manga, it isn’t returning anytime soon. The creator of the series, Yoshihiro Togashi suffered from lower back pain some time ago, because of which he stopped working on the manga after chapter 360. It was even recently reported that Togashi was given a deadline to complete his work before February 2017, but it seems that it won’t happen as the month is about to end and there has been no official word regarding it.

Hunter X Hunter

Togashi is also currently rumored to get replaced by another writer. His wife, Naoko Takeuchi is expected to take over the series. Takeuchi is known for many of her notable works, including Sailor Moon. So fans won’t get disappointed by her work. 

Hunter X Hunter: World Hunt Now Available To Download 

Hunter X Hunter: World Hunt is now available to download for Android and iOS in Japan. Those who download and play the game now will get the “Nen Master Biscuit” after they complete the tutorial stages.

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