There is currently no official word on when the Manga of Hunter X Hunter will start rolling again. Because of Yoshihiro Togashi’s health problems, fans have been eagerly waiting for the Manga to continue for quite some time now. And their wait is the very reason why the Anime series of Hunter X Hunter is also currently one of the most popular series out there.

Fans have been waiting for the next chapter of the Manga, chapter 361 to arrive. However, it now seems that the Manga might get cancelled because the health of Yoshihiro Togashi is not improving at all.

Yoshihiro Togashi Suffering From Lower Back Pain

Yoshihiro Togashi is the artist behind Hunter X Hunter. He is also the person behind the critically acclaimed series, Yu Yu Hakusho. Togashi is known as one of the best Manga artists out there, as he never stops writing. However, his hard work has turned against him as because of it, he is now facing a serious health problem. The problem is that he is facing lower back pain. The problem might not sound that big, but it is for a person who spends a lot of his time sitting and writing stuff. So yes, this is a very serious problem for him.

Hunter X Hunter

So the poor health of Yoshihiro Togashi is the very reason why fans are seeing a very big delay of Hunter X Hunter chapter 361. The chapter currently has no specific release date or even a release month, so many fans are currently wondering whether the Manga series will continue or not. What worries fans is that because Yoshihiro Togashi is not improving, they might not see another chapter of Hunter X Hunter ever again because it is very difficult for him to work on it in this condition.

Yoshihiro Togashi’s Wife To Take Over Hunter X Hunter

However, there is still some hope for the Manga. Rumors are that the wife of Yoshihiro Togashi, Takeuchi might take over Hunter X Hunter manga. The series wouldn’t be the same without Togashi, but at least we will get to see some more Hunter X Hunter.

Takeuchi is also a popular Manga artist. She is the very person behind the Anime and Manga of the popular series, Sailor Moon. However, there is currently no word from Togashi himself on whether his wife will be taking over the Manga or not, so fans shouldn’t get their hopes high up. The fate of the Manga is still at risk, and fans might not even see another chapter of Hunter X Hunter.

Hunter X Hunter

As for now, we currently don’t know exactly when the next chapter of Hunter X Hunter will arrive, but all we can do now is pray for Yoshihiro Togashi’s good health, so he can recover soon and get back to writing. There is currently a big chance that the wife of the writer might take over, so fans might hear something regarding the next chapter soon.

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