“Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 364 will be focusing on the Succession War which is expected to become more intense and brutal after Nasubi announced that the throne could be ascended only by the sole survivor. With the information regarding Nen beasts reaching the successors in the competition for the throne, the battle is expected to become more aggressive. Check out in detail!

“Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 364 spoilers indicate that Camilla, the second princess is very much interested in ascending the throne and wants the other princes to die so that she can fulfill her desire. But her father, the King Nasubi warns her that she must interpret the term sole survivor.

Kurapika Makes Emergency Announcement

When Benjamin, the brother of Camilla comes to know about her selfish thoughts, he calls his sister arrogant for wishing that her competitors should be dead. However, Camilla is confident that she would be able to ascend the throne, reports The Christian Post.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 364
Hunter x Hunter

Benjamin too intended the same thing as Camilla but now his plans have been disturbed after the emergency announcement from Kurapika. The announcement is regarding the Nen beasts which have put Nen-users like Benjamin at a disadvantage. Also, now the other princes like Tserriednich have become aware of Nen and want to learn it.

Interestingly, Kurapika had made the whole plan with the view to keep the princes away from fighting each other until all of them reached the Dark Continent. But in “Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 364, this plan will fire back as the would-be successors will become hungrier to become the King.

‘Sole Survivor’ Term To Play Bigger Role in ‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 364

The source says that ‘sole survivor’ term is expected to play a key role in the Succession War, especially in its conclusion. Speculations by a Reddit fan suggest that the right interpretation of this term will eventually lead to who will rightfully become the ruler of Kakin in the end.

The speculation also suggests that the Succession War could be all about who can follow and is able to uphold the rules of the play. There is a strong possibility that the sole survivor will be the person who does not participate in the war between the siblings and stays aloof in “Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 364.


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