“Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 363 will focus on the return of Leorio and how he uses his medical skills and powers in the “Dark Continent” arc. Although the Japanese manga series have started after a long hiatus, its term on Netflix will end in July which is quite shocking for its fans. Check out details!

In the “Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 363, the Battle of Succession will continue as the trail of blood and betrayal intensifies. The previous chapter titled “Determination” revealed Bill discussing the key issues related to countering the parasites. According to the discussion, the parasites are the outcome of their hosts’ feelings and thoughts. The parasites act according to the desires of their hosts.

Leorio May Return In ‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 363

The previous chapter revealed that Tserriednich and Tubeppa form an alliance and decide that they will neither kill each other nor will they directly attack the other Nen beast bearers, reports The Christian Post.  At the end of Chapter 362, Tserriednich confronted Theta and interrogated her about the use of his Sacred Beast by Nen. Incidentally, Theta admitted that Nen was capable of using it.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 363
Hunter x Hunter

According to the Reddit fans, things are now on the verge of getting violent in the upcoming “Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 363 as there is a strong possibility that Leorio might return and play a key role in the ongoing “Dark Continent” arc. He is expected to come along with Ging.

Since Leorio is one of the Zodiac 12 members of the Hunter Organization he has an access to learning new skills that will involve both Nen and medicine directly from the 14th Chairman of the Organization, Cheadle.

‘Hunter X Hunter’ To Leave Netflix At The End Of July

Netflix will be saying good-bye to the manga series at the end of the July month of this year. With the hiatus for the manga series ending just a few weeks ago, it indeed is not good news for the manga fans. According to Comicbook, the series will be a part of the massive exodus of Netflix since the show has reached the end of the tenure with Netflix.

There is no update as to why the tenure for the show has not been extended. In the meanwhile “Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 363  will release in the Shounen Jump Weekly magazine’s next issue.


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