“Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 361 release date has not been confirmed as of yet. And the main reason is the ailing health of the creator Yoshihiro Togashi. The showrunner even tried to hire new writers. But the sources suggest that they could not match the quality of the original creator. Will Shonen Jump then cancel the manga series?

The possibility of “Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 361 cancellation is quite huge as there has been no statement from the showrunner. Incidentally, Togashi was seen enjoying an anime manga event with his friend. It thus indicated that he is in good health. Even then, the creator is yet to start work on the next chapters of the series.

New Writers May Not Replace Togashi

According to The Christian Post, Togashi has been the main cause of the frequent long hiatus of the Japanese manga series. Fans tried to understand his situation as Togashi has been suffering from severe back pain from past few years. However, now that he was seen enjoying a party, fans are expecting him to get back to work fast and complete “Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 361 and other pending chapters.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361

Incidentally, the showrunner also thought of trying new writers, but could not find someone who could match the skill of Togashi.

 Will Shonen Jump Cancel ‘Hunter X Hunter ‘ Chapter 361?

The last chapter under the “Dark Continent Expedition” arc released on July 4, reports Travelers Today. The episode ended with Kurapika trying to make a contact with his fellow Hunters. Most of the Nen beasts disappear however there is one still sticking to Sairid.

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Lots of questions are yet to be answered for which the release of “Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 361 is highly necessary. But with no word from Togashi, will the showrunner cancel it altogether? Speculations also indicate that the showrunner might think of planning a completely new manga show instead of focussing on “Hunter X Hunter.”